CogSmart is a healthcare service startup, originating from the Institute of Aging Medicine of Tohoku University.

Based on the latest medical knowledge and research results, our corporate philosophy is to spread the idea of "dementia prevention by healthy lifestyle" and "lifelong healthy brain."
We aim to contribute to the decrease of the future number of dementia patients, extention of healthy life expectancy in the coming super-aging society, and making social costs (such as medical costs / long-term care costs) managable.
All of our members are striving to prevent people all over the world from the economic or physcological burden caused by dementia and contribute to social sustainability.


Company name: CogSmart Co., Ltd. (Japan - Headquarter)
CogSmart Asia Limited / 康希亞洲有限公司 (Hong Kong SAR)
Date of establishment: 30.10.2019
Representatives: Exacutive director Shota Nakamura, Exacutive director Taki Yasuyuki
Address: BI Building, 3-1-16 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Unit 1002, Unicorn Trade Centre, 127-131 Des Voeux Road Central (Hong Kong SAR)


Our goal is to create an ecosystem through which everyone from children to elderly can maintain life-long brain health.

Development, manufacture and sale of medical equipment and medical measuring devices

Research and development related to brain function, dementia risk early detection, research on dementia prevention

Data science business based on neuroscience and medical evidence


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